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By now you may have read John Markoff's article in the yesterday's New York Times "Larger Prey Are Targets of Phishing". Over 2,000 executives received phony, but very official looking, subpoenas to appear in court. From the email they were fooled into thinking they could download a copy of the subpoena. Instead different variants of keylogger programs were installed on each computer. Keylogger programs intercept personal or sensitive corporate information typed on the computer keyboard.

John goes on to explain "The tactic of aiming at the rich and powerful with an online scam is referred to by computer security experts as whaling. The term is a play on phishing, an approach that usually involves tricking e-mail users — in this case the big fish — into divulging personal information like credit card numbers. Phishing attacks that are directed at a particular person, rather than blasted out to millions, are also known as spear phishing."

When are these phishing and whaling horror stories going to end? Never, but there proactive steps people can take. Consider making a small investment in an excellent keylogger prevention program called GuardedID by Strikeforce Technologies. Think of it as buying insurance to protect your sensitive information and prevent identity theft.

GuardedID provides a preemptive approach to protecting your information. GuardedID works by encrypting each and every keystroke the instant that you type it. It then delivers those encrypted keystrokes directly to the browser through its own Patent Pending secure channel, circumventing all the hooks keyloggers use to steal data. This prevents any chance for key loggers to intercept the users information over the keyboard. Read more . . .

Create Passive Income with Your LinkedIn Profile

Posted by Unknown Sunday, April 13, 2008 0 comments

I'd rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own effort. - J. Paul Getty

Having $1.00 come from 3 different sources (CEO, Me Inc.) is far better than having $3 come from 1single source (employee). If 1 source stops paying (no job), at least 1 or 2 other sources of income still maintains basic living solvency. Our board of directors (family) still have a roof over their head, food on the table and the lights stay on and there's gas in the car. We just can't have all the extras 3 sources of income provided.

Take a look at your profile. Scroll down a little. No, not there. Right there; where LinkedIn allows you to add three (3) web site links. Those 3 web links are 3 checks with your name on it. All you have to do is "set it and forget it". This is an opportunity to create passive income. It may not be major money, but it could still be a dollar more than you had yesterday. It's still way better than adding cutsie web links that just go to favorite web sites we like. Are those sites paying you for the referral? Probably not, but they are still making money from the referral.

People are Googling you to get to your LinkedIn profile. If the searcher still does not hire you or continue a conversation, there is still a potential to make a $1 either way. If searchers trace out your links that take them to useful web sites, that works in your favor as an enterprising solution provider. Thats way better than linking to Twitter, MySpace or Facebook. The searchers will find you on those sites anyway.

There is a plethora of affiliate programs that pay for referrals to their web site. Upon registering you are provided a customized web link with a unique identifier. Every purchase from your referral web link(s) is a commission check paid directly to you.

We can provide you with some affiliate program recommendations. We are continuously developing agreements with strategic business partners that provide affiliate programs. Send an email to for further information.