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Simple Facebook Tip to Extend Personal Brand Reach

Posted by Unknown Saturday, May 14, 2011 0 comments

Most email software (i.e. outlook, gmail etc.) has a type-ahead feature. This is also referred to as auto-complete. This function remembers and stores addresses you send to. When you start typing names of a previously stored contacts, your email software will recognize it and offer suggestions for completing the name text for you.

Facebook has a similar type ahead feature, when posting "comments", on a "wall" or in a group.  As you will see in the picture above, using the "@" symbol and typing the first letter of a name triggers Facebook to present a drop down menu.  You can now select friends, business pages you "Like" and calendar events you published on Facebook.  Whatever selection you make from the menu  (i.e. a friend's name) will be converted to a hyper link people can click on and visit that page.  To complete the hyper link conversion, you must press to save a comment or click the "Share" button on a wall post.

By using the "@" symbol with a friend's name you extend your visibility. Your friend is notified on their Facebook news feed that you mentioned them. Your friend's friends also see your comment. 

This is a great way to edify friends, while getting your smiling face in front of new people.  You might even make some new friends.

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