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Why the iPad2 is a Game-Changer

Posted by Ronald G. Richards Tuesday, October 4, 2011 0 comments

A game-changer is a term used to describe something that has the potential to alter the outcome when brought into an activity. In business, for something to be a game-changer, it has to produce an advantage. I will show why I think Apple’s iPad2 is a game-changer that can produce such an advantage.

Much has been written on the technological prowess of the iPad2. Articles have appeared on its specific use such as point-of-sale in retail, or as a replacement for medical clipboards in hospitals where notes can be recorded and shared; as well as checked against a patient’s entire medical record. While these uses reflect increased productivity and efficiency, they are “tactical” uses. I would like to present a hypothetical example of how the iPad2 can be used strategically, thus making it a game changer.

The scenario: You and a partner are real estate investors. You’ve done your research and found a good property. From your due diligence you find out there is distress to the property, which the current owner has let run down, and on the owner himself where other obligations are forcing him to sell.

The situation: The deal will only work if you get your offer accepted; however the owner is stubborn. Time is of the essence as your investors expect you to put the deal together now, but you can’t go any higher on your offer.

The dilemma: How do you convince the owner he is better off accepting your offer?

The solution: You meet with the owner and bring your iPad2. You show him a picture taken in a room at the top of the building. It shows a wall with dark stains in the upper corner where the wall meets the ceiling. You play a video you made showing your partner tapping on the wall, an action that produces a knocking sound until he reaches the area of the stain where a squishing sound is produced. It is undeniably soggy from water damage and likely indicates major roof repair is needed; something that was heretofore undetected. You start a video conference with your partner who just happens to be on the scene at the property with his own iPad2. You bring up documents, slides, and analysis with estimates supporting your conclusions. You ask the owner if he has any questions. You express sorrow, and though still interested in the property, will have to adjust your offer down to account for necessary repairs to the newly uncovered problems.

Advantage: iPad2.

The outcome: The offer is accepted.

You can see how this dynamic can move business activity in new ways. The iPad2 inspires creativity and imagination. It’s why I find the iPad2 such an exciting and transformative product.

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