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Happiness is Firing Your Cable Company

Posted by Carl E. Reid Sunday, November 17, 2013 0 comments

I just mailed my HD box back to the cable company and canceled my service, while still being able to view TV shows and movies at a tiny fraction of the cost. My personal board of directors (my family) is happy about the new income windfall due to the yearly savings.

Unless cable TV providers upgrade their business model, they may disappear with black and white television.

4 years back I bought a Sony Play Station 3 (PS3) to entertain my grand children when they visit. I never once played a video game on my PS3 or had any personal use for it. This may be due to overdosing on playing video games, when my brother and I ran a business distributing the original floor model video games in the 1980s. We had them in pizza parlors, Coney Island and other locations.  My job was business development and fixing the video games.  So I played a lot of free games after each repair.

Rewind to 3 weeks ago.  Out of sheer curiosity I decided to see what would happen, if I connected my PS3 between my Sony Bravia HDTV and the Internet.  After a 45 minute software upgrade to the PS3 operating system, I experienced an epiphanyWithout spending a dime I watched The History Channel, National Geographic, Mad Men, In Plain Sight and Burn Notice. These are the same shows I used to watch through my cable TV provider.

To help my Chief financial Officer (my wife) transition easier into this crazy idea of terminating the cable company, I purchased a $25 "TV like" remote control programmed to work specifically with the PS3.  She was not about to use the P
S3 game control joy sticks to watch TV.  Voila, she is now a happy camper being able to watch American Pickers, Pawn Stars, Drop Dead Diva and other shows she likes.

I now get caught on the news by going to, using the PS3 web browser.

Oh, did I mention being able to get on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is easy on the eyes when being viewed on a 48" HDTV, from my reclining chair.

Total Startup Cost (minus PS3 cost since it was bought years ago)
one time cost for PS3 TV remote control
1st month FREE for Netflix

Total monthly cost (starting next month): 8$ per month for Netflix. Estimate just under $10 with the taxes.

I'm not suggesting you drop $200 to 300 down to buy a PS3. A $100 Roku box will work just as well or better.  Cost includes a remote control.

Reach out to me, if you need a little technical advice before firing your cable company.

About the Author

Carl E. Reid is a technology expert, social media strategist and business career coach at Savvy Intrapreneur. CReid3005[AT] - Tel: 201-222-5390

Business Intelligence on How To Brand with Twitter

Posted by Carl E. Reid Tuesday, March 12, 2013 0 comments

Did you know Twitter engagement rates are higher on Saturday and Sunday? Below is an excellent infographic provided by Linchpin SEO, which provides the clues needed to crack the mystery of how to really engage people on Twitter.  

As I mention to my clients, having a social media presence is not enough. Converting social media presence into "influence" is the challenge. Social media Influence is what really translates into sales leads or referrals for sales conversions.

People do business with people they know, like and trust.  The hard question is how do we get Social media to emulate this basic human interaction. Engaging conversations with people, which makes those people share your value with others.

The question I suggest my clients ask themselves [as they look at each social media platform] is "Are we selling something or sharing something of value?" Sharing value is what people tune in to and VALUE is what people share.

The Linchpin SEO does an excellent job of teaching how, when and why engaging people builds personal and business brands.

Twitter Cheat Sheet
Twitter Cheat Sheet , an infographic by Linchpin Infographic Design

Squirreling Away Incandescent Light Bulbs Steals Money and Energy

Posted by Carl E. Reid Wednesday, March 6, 2013 0 comments

Back in 2007 our article Replace Incandescent Bulb with Fluorescent Bulb talked about how the U.S. Clean Energy Act of 2007 makes the incandescent light bulb go away, saves quite a bit of money on electric bills and creates awesome opportunities as the same time.  We failed to mention the bizarre things people might do to continue using those energy hogging incandescent light bulbs.

From a Business Week article, on January 1, 2013 traditional incandescent 75 watt bulbs were phased out. The phasing out of traditional 100 watt incandescent light bulbs in January 2012 ignited panic, making consumers take some wacky actions. 

Home Depot reported a 20 percent spike in sales of 100 watt bulbs for 2011, as people rushed to stockpile for the future. At least one Ohio woman made sure to squirrel away enough bulbs to last 50 years. This time around, however, shoppers seem more relaxed. Bill Hamilton, president of light bulb merchandising at Home Depot, says, “Customers are beginning to embrace the new technology.”

Silver Alert vs. Amber Alert

Posted by Carl E. Reid Friday, February 15, 2013 0 comments

So I'm driving south on the New Jersey Turnpike for a meeting in Trenton.  I passed several digital highway signs flashing a Silver Alert with a license plate number.  For the life of me, I could not figure out what this Silver Alert was about.

After doing a little research [not while driving], I found out “Silver Alert” or “Senior Alert” programs help identify and locate missing seniors with cognitive impairments (i.e. Alzheimer's Disease, dementia etc.). Modeled after the United States federal Amber Alert system for abducted children, Silver Alert programs create an emergency notification system in which law enforcement agencies broadcast using radio, television and electronic highway signs. Read details on how Silver Alert legislation started.

Why the iPad2 is a Game-Changer

Posted by Ronald G. Richards Tuesday, October 4, 2011 0 comments

A game-changer is a term used to describe something that has the potential to alter the outcome when brought into an activity. In business, for something to be a game-changer, it has to produce an advantage. I will show why I think Apple’s iPad2 is a game-changer that can produce such an advantage.

Much has been written on the technological prowess of the iPad2. Articles have appeared on its specific use such as point-of-sale in retail, or as a replacement for medical clipboards in hospitals where notes can be recorded and shared; as well as checked against a patient’s entire medical record. While these uses reflect increased productivity and efficiency, they are “tactical” uses. I would like to present a hypothetical example of how the iPad2 can be used strategically, thus making it a game changer.

The scenario: You and a partner are real estate investors. You’ve done your research and found a good property. From your due diligence you find out there is distress to the property, which the current owner has let run down, and on the owner himself where other obligations are forcing him to sell.

The situation: The deal will only work if you get your offer accepted; however the owner is stubborn. Time is of the essence as your investors expect you to put the deal together now, but you can’t go any higher on your offer.

The dilemma: How do you convince the owner he is better off accepting your offer?

The solution: You meet with the owner and bring your iPad2. You show him a picture taken in a room at the top of the building. It shows a wall with dark stains in the upper corner where the wall meets the ceiling. You play a video you made showing your partner tapping on the wall, an action that produces a knocking sound until he reaches the area of the stain where a squishing sound is produced. It is undeniably soggy from water damage and likely indicates major roof repair is needed; something that was heretofore undetected. You start a video conference with your partner who just happens to be on the scene at the property with his own iPad2. You bring up documents, slides, and analysis with estimates supporting your conclusions. You ask the owner if he has any questions. You express sorrow, and though still interested in the property, will have to adjust your offer down to account for necessary repairs to the newly uncovered problems.

Advantage: iPad2.

The outcome: The offer is accepted.

You can see how this dynamic can move business activity in new ways. The iPad2 inspires creativity and imagination. It’s why I find the iPad2 such an exciting and transformative product.

An accomplished Program/Project Manager with extensive experience in consulting and business development in both public and private sectors. A professional bringing direction, motivation and experience to the table with an entrepreneurial approach to business development.  Accomplishment through organization and process; Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Continuity of Operations are his forte. A strong advocate of Enterprise Resilience and Crisis Management currently engaged in establishing the practice of Supply Chain Resiliency for JVKellyGroup, Inc., an eminent Risk Management consulting firm.

Simple Facebook Tip to Extend Personal Brand Reach

Posted by Carl E. Reid Saturday, May 14, 2011 0 comments

Most email software (i.e. outlook, gmail etc.) has a type-ahead feature. This is also referred to as auto-complete. This function remembers and stores addresses you send to. When you start typing names of a previously stored contacts, your email software will recognize it and offer suggestions for completing the name text for you.

Facebook has a similar type ahead feature, when posting "comments", on a "wall" or in a group.  As you will see in the picture above, using the "@" symbol and typing the first letter of a name triggers Facebook to present a drop down menu.  You can now select friends, business pages you "Like" and calendar events you published on Facebook.  Whatever selection you make from the menu  (i.e. a friend's name) will be converted to a hyper link people can click on and visit that page.  To complete the hyper link conversion, you must press to save a comment or click the "Share" button on a wall post.

By using the "@" symbol with a friend's name you extend your visibility. Your friend is notified on their Facebook news feed that you mentioned them. Your friend's friends also see your comment. 

This is a great way to edify friends, while getting your smiling face in front of new people.  You might even make some new friends.

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Facebook Branding Window Opens at 25 Closes at 100

Posted by Carl E. Reid Friday, March 25, 2011 2 comments

If you just made that awfully smart move to create a Facebook business page, your opportunity to create a branded link is right around the corner. This allows for shortening that very long link Facebook assigned when you created your business page to

Once 25 people "Like" your business page, Facebook opens the window so you can create a branded link.

Watch out!! Monitor your business page "Likes". Facebook closes the opportunity to create a much shorter branded link, once your page has 100 "Likes". Now you will be stuck with that ridiculously long link, which will take up every inch of space on your business card.

About the Author

Carl E. Reid is a technology expert, social media strategist and business career coach at Savvy Intrapreneur. CReid3005[AT] - Tel: 201-222-5390

Can Facebook be Used to Develop Meaningful Relationships

Posted by Carl E. Reid Tuesday, March 8, 2011 0 comments

Can Facebook be used as a job search, business development or networking tool for creating meaningful business relationships? 

What do you think? Reply here and pick up some free job search tools while you're at it.

Social Media Team Effort for Getting the Word Out

Posted by Carl E. Reid Friday, March 4, 2011 0 comments

Some suggested steps to create buzz for acquiring new clients.  Similar to everyone in an organization having business cards, this tandem effort by all team members will produce a synergy in results.

1. Make sure the company blog is RSS enabled. That means the little orange chicklet should be visible on the blog. This allows people to channel in/out using their RSS readers. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. 
Having a blog with no RSS feed is like having a telephone with no dial tone. You can't communicate with the rest of the world. - Click here for RSS article details

Ask your web developer to flip the switch "On" for displaying the RSS chicklet on the blog.  Once this is completed, it sets the stage for "1 button publishing".  Publish a blog article. The article will automatically distribute to Twitter, Facbook and LinkedIn accounts for ALL
team members.

2. In preparation for
"1 button publishing", everyone on the team should have accounts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  You can hook your Twitter account into your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

3. Consider setting up a business page on Facebook.  Here's an article for details: New Facebook Changes Provides Best of Both Worlds -

Press Enter Once: Publish to All Social Media Platforms

Posted by Carl E. Reid Wednesday, March 2, 2011 0 comments

Branding and marketing is the name of the game these days for both companies and individuals. Twitter, Facebook, blogs etc. are phenomenal tools for getting the word out about you or your company.   

Most social media tools are free.   Although you can do it yourself, engaging a social media consulting company allows you to work ON your business, not IN your business 

Have you heard about "one button" publishingWrite something once. Then it automatically goes viral globally to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, other social media accounts and Google (as in SEO search engine optimization).  Engaging a knowledgeable social media consultant eliminates a very steep learning curve for using those free tools.

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