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Wireless Attitude Check

Posted by Unknown Thursday, March 30, 2006 0 comments

Network Coumputing has an interestig article on their Daily Blog which provides some inciteful information on the usage of wireless products. The results of a survey depict slow market growth due to concerns with security. It interestingly identifies 3 types of wireless users; wireless resisters, tactical adopters and strategic adopters. Security features were judged most important, followed by upgradeability of products to meet future standards, and centralized management.

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Your Phone and Email as a Profit Center

Posted by Unknown Saturday, March 18, 2006 0 comments

Time is our most valuable commodity. If we don't place a value on our time, then people won't value it either. Over time we each gain a certain amount of expertise, which we usually give away for free. Then there are clients or customers who call on a whim for information, which benefits them or the profits of their company. After the call, we scratch our heads trying to figure out how we can recoup the time we lost by not charging for telephone time.

Wouldn't be nice, if we could charge for the time we spend on the telephone to provide useful information to people? How about being able to charge for exclusive vidcast, podcast, or eBooks, separate from the free ones we give away? How about charging people for valuable information you send in an email?

Adding a Talk to me now button to a web site or blog adds credibility.

Ether is just what the doctor ordered. It provides an excellent medium for turning your telephone into a cash register.

A customer will dial your Ether Phone Number and Ether will call you at the number you selected. You can choose on the fly whether or not to actually take the call. For example, Ether will tell you that you have a customer ready to pay your rate of $90 for an hour and willing to wait 3 hours for a call back from you. You decide if you can talk to them immediately or another time.

Your earnings from calls and emails are deposited into your Ether account. You can either have the money sent to your bank account via Direct Deposit or you can request to have Ether send you a check. Ether is in beta test. You need to submit your email address to be cnsidered as a beta tester.

Ingenio provides a similiar service and they have been around for a awhile. So Ingenio is an alternative service provider to allow charging for your expertise, on the phone. You can get your telephone and email advisory consulting business up and running immediately, with Ingenio.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to charge those friends who we listen to with mundane telephone talk? Maybe we will still have to just be a good friend and continue to just listen to our friends for free. We do not have to continue giving away information for free all the time.

Giving information away is always great for developing business and getting the word out about our business. Charging people who wish to monopolize our time with no consideration on the value of our time, is when we should charge for it.
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Technology Snippets - Week Ending Saturday March 11, 2006

Posted by Unknown Saturday, March 11, 2006 0 comments

Does Personal E-Mail From Sun Exec Reveal Google Is Buying Sun?
by Daniel M. Harrison
Something is definitely going on over at the Sun Microsystems camp right now. Since I wrote my first piece on the topic of a Sun takeover by Google, numerous visitors from SEC and Sun Microsystems internal servers have been flocking to read the analysis.

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Internal Blogs as a Management Tool
David Maister
I may be coming late to the party and only just catching up, but it occurs to me that blogs could be (are?) an incredibly powerful internal management tool.

Here’s one way I could see it working. There is a blog to which, initially at least, only partners have access. The managing partner (firm leader / practice group leader, whatever you want) could blog regularly about what’s going on in the firm / practice, not just restricted to the formal announcement of new business wins and losses, but actually addressing issues of interest to partners, answering candidly, and allowing partners (anonymously if necessary) to pose questions to firm leadership about what is happening and why things are happening the way they are.

Read more . . . Coalition Grows From 50 Organizations to 500 In One Week
as reported by the Electronic Frontier Foundation

30,000 Email Users Sign Open Letter

San Francisco - Despite AOL's attempt to divide its critics, the Coalition announced Monday it has grown tenfold from 50 organizations to more than 500 as it fights AOL's controversial plan to create a two-tiered Internet that leaves the little guy behind.

Last week, AOL's proposed "email tax" came under fire from a coalition of political groups on the left and right, businesses and non-profits, charities, and Internet advocacy organizations. More than 400 publications around the world published articles about AOL's plan to allow large mass-emailers to pay to bypass AOL's spam filters and get guaranteed delivery directly into the inboxes of AOL customers—leaving the little guy behind with increasingly unreliable second-tier Internet service.

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Smart Move for RIM Believers

Posted by Unknown Friday, March 10, 2006 0 comments

Usually iTECHSpeak moves on to new technology angles. As a prologue to Blackberry maker Research in Motion's recent victory, it's worth mentioning 20-20 hindsight gained by the unbelievers. An article by Mathew Ingram, "RIM gets reprieve - now free to fight", points out how the scared unbelievers were in a selling frenzy of shedding RIM stock.

Bravo to the believers who staid the course. RIM cut it's losses by settling with NTP. This produced an 18% increase in RIM's value. This is not just due to the outcome of the settlement. The leadership of James Balsillie, Mike Lazaridis and their entire executive team exemplifies compassionate capitalism, where RIM subscriber concerns were placed at the forefront, during the entire process up to the settlement.

Rock on Blackberry. Woo hoo!!

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Web Site Developers Not Blogging? Think Again . . .

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, March 8, 2006 0 comments

Over the last couple of years I have spoken to many associates who design web sites. I ask them if they are incorporating blogs into their client web site design strategies. Dead silence, a deep breath, a latent cough and then comes the questions from them. What's a blog? How does it work? What's the benefit to the client? Is it profitable?

Yesterday, there was a practical application news item about Walmart getting cozy with bloggers "Wal-Mart Enlists Bloggers in P.R. Campaign" By MICHAEL BARBARO

Steve Rubel presents ongoing stories of blogging as a "prime time" public relations and marketing tool, which compliments a web site.

Any web developers need help incorporating blogs into their web designs? Do you want your client's web site to explode with visitors, which translates into more potential sales? Do you want more client referrals?

Adding a blog to a web site is definitely the way to go.

Post a comment, if you need assistance from a professional blogger.
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Don't Throw Your Blackberry Away

Posted by Unknown Monday, March 6, 2006 0 comments

There was never any doubt in my mind that my Blackberry service would be disrupted. RIM is a company that knows how to do the right thing. I was always confident they would continue to do so. Maybe a portfolio revisit is in order regarding RIM investments.

I understand late Friday (3/3/2006), RIM settled the dispute with NTP for $612.5million. RIM had a work around any way. So Blackberry service would not have been down very long.

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Technology Snippets - Week Ending Saturday March 4, 2006

Posted by Unknown Saturday, March 4, 2006 0 comments

The Social Network Scene is heating up. Potential for huge profits.
Niche Networking by the Numbers: Cyberspace is full of community sites to help you plan a trip, get a job, or make a friend. Here's a rundown - By Alex Halperin

Those days of yester year are returning as pods.
Podcasting Drama: The Golden Days of Radio Serials are Returning. Some out there may remember the days before television, when radio ruled. Others, like me, have heard about "the good old days" of radio. And now, with the advent of podcasting, the radio drama is making a comeback. - by
Warren Kelly

Microsoft is being stealth on tid bits of its Origami Project
It's supposed to challenge Apple's iTunes player. A teaser site shows
week 1 and week 2 on the progress of this "need to know" secret. Matthew's Technology Blog provides a little background an article "What Are they Up to Now".
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Niche and Specialist Rhyme

Posted by Unknown Friday, March 3, 2006 0 comments

In any industry, higher incomes are granted to people who specialize in their field. Specialists usually create their own niche market.

Finding a niche market is as easy as looking in the classified of a reliable newspaper, with a national circulation. My favorite is the Sunday NY Times classifieds. I've cornered many a profitable niche market in the information technology arena.

The trick is to look at the classifieds, but not as a job hunter. Change your perspective to that of an investor. Which technology would you invest in? Trend the classifieds for 3-5 months to identify your target niche market. You may need some additional training. It's an investment, which will pay huge profits with your new found specialty skills. Now you have a niche market.
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Data Recovery Profit Center

Posted by Unknown Thursday, March 2, 2006 0 comments

If business is a little sluggish or you need an idea for a new profit center, Entrepreneur Magazine has a no investment solution. AmeriVault is looking for partners and consultants to provide referrals for their data protection services.

A recent article in The Journal of New England Technology talks about a recent tactical strategy, with AmeriVault adding another data center in Chicago.

Although I'm not making an endorsement, this is still worth considering. AmeriVault has been around since 1998. It started its dealership program in 2005.

Data protection is better than buying insurance. Insurance replaces tangible items. Company information is priceless. These days, many companies are looking for alternative back up solutions. The best data protection solutions are those where the distance of stored data should be far away from the source of a disaster.
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Grab The Tail

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, March 1, 2006 0 comments

In the mid 1980s I was laughed out of the room by mainframe COBOL developers; not once, but several times. My crime was spouting blasphemy about personal computers being a good marriage for mainframes via local area networks. I suggested my peers adjust their skills accordingly to ramp up for personal computers. I wonder how they made out in IT their careers? I hated programming in COBOL. It was like kicking a dead whale across the beach. I saw it as a dead end. I took my own advice by plunging into the PC arena with both legs and arms. You know what happened in the 1990s. Next . . .

Laugh, if you will. History will repeat itself. Blogs will create very profitable opportunities on an even larger scale. The November/December 2004 issue of Foreign Policy struck a nerve to clue me in. Their article Web of Influence By Daniel W. Drezner and Henry Farrell gave the media fair warning way before the Dan Rather episode.

If 35,000 people say it can't be done and 1 person accomplishes it, who's right? The "Blogs to Riches" article in the February 20, 2006 issue of New York Magazine mentioned AOL purchasing Peter Rojas' blog Engadget for $25million. Everyone will not become a millionaire blogging. There is a potential for people to make 6-figure incomes blogging.

The explanation of the long tail theory in the same Blogs to Riches" article is definitive proof of what the future holds.

Grab on to the Tail . . .
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