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Technology Snippets - Week Ending Saturday March 11, 2006

Posted by Unknown Saturday, March 11, 2006

Does Personal E-Mail From Sun Exec Reveal Google Is Buying Sun?
by Daniel M. Harrison
Something is definitely going on over at the Sun Microsystems camp right now. Since I wrote my first piece on the topic of a Sun takeover by Google, numerous visitors from SEC and Sun Microsystems internal servers have been flocking to read the analysis.

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Internal Blogs as a Management Tool
David Maister
I may be coming late to the party and only just catching up, but it occurs to me that blogs could be (are?) an incredibly powerful internal management tool.

Here’s one way I could see it working. There is a blog to which, initially at least, only partners have access. The managing partner (firm leader / practice group leader, whatever you want) could blog regularly about what’s going on in the firm / practice, not just restricted to the formal announcement of new business wins and losses, but actually addressing issues of interest to partners, answering candidly, and allowing partners (anonymously if necessary) to pose questions to firm leadership about what is happening and why things are happening the way they are.

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as reported by the Electronic Frontier Foundation

30,000 Email Users Sign Open Letter

San Francisco - Despite AOL's attempt to divide its critics, the Coalition announced Monday it has grown tenfold from 50 organizations to more than 500 as it fights AOL's controversial plan to create a two-tiered Internet that leaves the little guy behind.

Last week, AOL's proposed "email tax" came under fire from a coalition of political groups on the left and right, businesses and non-profits, charities, and Internet advocacy organizations. More than 400 publications around the world published articles about AOL's plan to allow large mass-emailers to pay to bypass AOL's spam filters and get guaranteed delivery directly into the inboxes of AOL customers—leaving the little guy behind with increasingly unreliable second-tier Internet service.

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