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New Facebook Changes Provides Best of Both Worlds

Posted by Unknown Thursday, February 24, 2011 0 comments

Just a heads up on new Facebook changes being implemented on March 1, 2011.  These changes will allow for maintaining a personal social life (your personal page) and having a professional game face (LinkedIn type) posture.

Personal page changes
You may have already noticed profile settings now being displayed at the top of your personal page. It is recommended you spend time adjusting your security settings in displaying personal information. Decide how much personal information your friends vs. the general public should see.

Business page changes
The majority of the new Facebook changes will impact business pages Here is where you might consider emulating your LinkedIn profile inside Facebook. This allows for maintaining a business posture. The really cool part is you will be able change between a personal page identity to a business identity at any time.  You still use the same login ID credentials to access both pages.

For example, Jane Doe has a personal page and she has a business page called JANE DOE, INC. [or use your company name].  Now Jane can "comment", "Like" and interact with friends and family on Facebook as Jane Doe
Then Jane can change her identity when she visits other businesses or business associates on Facebook.  When Jane switches her identity to XYZ Widgets Company,  all her "comments", "Likes" etc. will be signed and displayed as "XYZ Widgets Company" [JANE DOE, INC.] on all Facebook posts.

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