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65 Million IPTV Subscribers by 2010

Posted by Unknown Monday, January 16, 2006

This past Friday I attended a post holiday party at a bleeding edge telecommunication cable studio. They gave a tour of their technology readiness for the coming sunami of Internet Protocol TV subscribers.

IPTV uses a two-way digital broadcast signal, sent through a switched telephone or cable network by way of a broadband connection. A set-top box is programmed with software to handle viewer requests to access a plethora media sources, with high speed delivery.

According to a new Light Reading Insider report, “IPTV: Where the Money Is,” technology vendors, and especially the likes of Alcatel (NYSE: ALA - message board; Paris: CGEP:PA), stand to make a killing.

There are significant drivers forcing telecom operators to adopt those defensive strategies, most notably the increasingly intense competition they're facing from ISPs and cable and satellite operators. As a result, the IPTV market is set to explode in the coming five years and beyond, finds the report.

By 2010, IPTV will have captured 65 million subscribers worldwide, predominantly in North America, Europe, and Asia. To deploy the systems needed to deliver those services, carriers will spend a total $21 billion in the 2005 to 2010 timeframe. Read more . . .

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