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Put Your Seat Belt on for FiOS TV

Posted by Unknown Saturday, January 28, 2006

Before you watch or get involved with FiOS TV, I recommend you put your seat belt on. This technology is the Autobahn of lightening fast broadband services.

Wikipedia seems to provide the most accurate definition as "FiOS (Fiber Optic Services, though the carrier denies this is the source of the acronym in published news stories) is a fiber to the premises (FTTP) telecommunications service offered in the United States by Verizon."

According I4U News, outstanding user reviews indicate
FiOS TV is delivering, as promised.

Before those of us who are savvy technology professionals get all dreamy eyed about the employment or consulting opportunities for this new technology, do your homework. Run your career like a business and perform "due diligence". Research the market. Verizon appears to be the only
FiOS TV player. Check with the The Fiber Optic Association for referrals to certified training schools.

You will have to crawl (learn standard cabling technology) before you learn how to run (learn fiber optic technology).

For any Spanish speaking IT professionals in New York City, I know a school in the area that provides Free fiber optic classes only in Spanish, if they are a member of LISTA.
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