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Satellite Surround Sound

Posted by Unknown Monday, February 6, 2006

"Success is where preparation and opportunity meet." -Bobby Unser

Think fast. What famous stadium is pictured in this satellite photo? I took this picture from my desk in Manhattan using Google's latest toy called "Google Earth". After downloading the free software, you type in a street address any where in the world. Voila, Google Earth allows you to look through the lenses of a
satellite camera, taking you right to the top of the building. Imagine a satellite miles above earth providing a clear crisp photo of a building, like you're right next to it.

We are surrounded by opportunities with sound bytes of what's to come in the satellite business. It's in its infancy. Now is the time to prepare.

The 4th Annual World Satellite Business Week conference is scheduled for September 4-7, 2006 in Paris.

A recent Business Week article by Olga Kharif says " Everyone's Aiming at
Satellite Radio. Rival technologies and services are popping up all over. Apple may even get into the game. The competition for ears will be deafening." The Olga's article goes on to state the 2 major players signed up 9.3 million paying users by the end of 2005, compared with fewer than 4.5 million a year earlier.

Occupational Outlook Handbook from U.S. Department of Labor indicates "The major threats to the radio industry, especially smaller, marginal stations, are from car CD (compact disk) players and from
satellite radio, which functions like cable television with subscribers paying a monthly fee."

There is even a "Society of Satellite Professionals International". It's a nonprofit member-benefit society that serves satellite professionals throughout their careers. A quick glance at their membership application gives clues as to current and potential opportunities in the
satellite industry. Take your pick of what career track suits you in the Satellite business. Some are obvious; teacher, engineer, manager and research & development. Some additional opportunities in satellite are finance, sales, consultant, operations, procurement, customer service and marketing.

Let's we not forget our terrestrial radio station engineers considering that
career transition to satellite. There will be even more opportunity for dealers and installers of satellite entertainment equipment.

Heck, even people with blogs or web sites can cash in by becoming affiliates. Decent commissions are paid for new satellite radio subscribers bloggers recommend from their site.

Did you come up with Yankee Stadium in the satellite photo above?
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