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Powerful Ugly Duckling of PDAs

Posted by Unknown Sunday, January 16, 2005

Blackberrys made by Research in Motion may appear to be ugly compared to sleaker, smaller and more compact personal digital assistants (PDAs) or cell phones. If a notebook computer is being carried around to surf the Internet, check email, schedule appointments and keep track of contacts, then a Blackberry is an all-in-one powerful swan with cell phone features. It's secure communication using Triple DES Encryption when the Blackberry Enterprise Server is implemented.
BlackBerry Colour Handheld Family

Even with a wireless card in a notebook computer, one has the challenge of searching for available Internet connections. It could be hit or miss in remote geographical locations. Blackberrys are always "On", using GPRS data transport.

I have installed many Blackberry Enterprise Servers for Lotus Notes/Domino. I'm also specialized in developing customized training seminars on using Blackberry handhelds. The synergy in combining the power of Lotus Notes' groupware with Blackberry handhelds is an extraordinary productivity marriage. Staff at home, traveling or in the office can now use their
Blackberrys for basic personal computer functions. People can access E~mail with Excel/Word/Adobe Acrobat attachments, send or reply to meeting invitations using the Lotus Notes calendaring feature.

Performing Internet research, Instant Messaging or even using a RSS Reader is a breeze with the easy viewing Blackberry screen. The Blackberry cell phone feature is icing on this very functional PDA cake.

As a Technology Consultant, I receive network/server alerts on my Blackberry from client sites. So I can proactively be informed and resolve problems, before clients are even aware there is a problem. I can quickly respond to helpdesk requests emailed to my blackberry from computer users. So a Blackberry is a great tool for client relationship management.

There are
2 Million Blackberry Subscribers and more people subscribing exponentially every day.

I Recommend 3 Things:

1. Investors should seriously consider adding Research in Motion (RIM) stock to their investment portfolio. RIM gets a piece of the action from all service providers that put their label on each blackberry (i.e. Cingular, Nextel, T-Mobile, Verizon etc. ). This gives RIM extensive worldwide distribution. It's traded as RIMM on the NASDAQ.

2. Companies should invest in this powerful productivity technology. It provides an excellent
Return on Investment (ROI). Blackberry has already proven itself as a secure wireless productivity tool across many diverse corporate entities like the National Basketball Association, All Members of U.S. Congress and U.S. Senators
, Royal Caribbean Cruises, IBM, CBS/Viacom, Ernst & Young LLP, New York City Fire Department, and many other Fortune 100 Corporations and government agencies (including the Department of Defense).

3. Exchange and Lotus Notes IT system administrators can increase their income by learning how to install and support the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES). Training end users on using the Blackberry handhelds is another billable service to provide. BES is fast becoming a, specialty within a specialty, skill that is steadily growing in BIG demand.
Do your homework now. Profit in the future.

Click here for Blackberry Documentation
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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Good information CE reid. I'm adjusting my computer skills to learn about the blackberry server.


  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. This was very informative, I will be rolling out Blackberry Enterprise for Exchange shortly. And I am looking into getting a Blackberry for myself.



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