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Make Jobs or Clients Come to You using a RSS Reader

Posted by Unknown Monday, September 5, 2005

Can life get any better? Imagine jobs or new clients coming right to your doorstep? An RSS reader is an excellent tool for bringing jobs and potential clients to you. Just tune your RSS reader into those resource sites that display (i.e., or ). Then sit back and let papa bring home the bacon, with opportunies coming right to you. How kewl is that?

Since a picture is worth a thousand words,
click here for a diagram on how
RSS Technology Simplifies Your Life
By Jason Rhode

Many people still do not understand what is the purpose of these icons displayed on web sites and web logs (blogs) - Syndicate this site

With RSS (really simple syndication) technology heating up on the Internet highway, RSS readers are fast becoming the darling software tools. This is a niche market for savvy developers to capitalize on. RSS could be the next technology gold rush.
Thare's gold in dem dare Internet hills.

RSS "enabled" blogs or web sites are indentified with little icon logos (above) that contain or simply say Syndicate this site. This allows a person to right mouse click on the icon > select Copy short cut
or Copy link > and then add the blog or web site to their RSS reader. Now your RSS reader is tuned in to that particular channel; your web site or web log.

Every time the web site or blog is updated your RSS reader will automatically let you know. So tuning your RSS reader to various areas of interest on CNN, Craigslist, iTechSpeak blog etc. allows information to come to you. You don't have to waste time visiting your favorite sites for information, any more.

RSS technology is free to install and implement. There are RSS readers for:
Macintosh Computer

Wind ows Computer


Mobile Phones

I highly recommend Thunderbird. Use Thunderbird by Mozilla as an all-in-one tool - Email Interface (like Outlook Express), RSS Reader and Powerful Spam Blocker
Use Thunderbird by Mozilla as an all-in-one tool - Email Interface (like Outlook Express), RSS Reader and Powerful Spam Blocker

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