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1st U.S. Blackberry Center

Posted by Unknown Thursday, September 15, 2005

Updated 3-24-2006: This Blackberry Center is CLOSED

This just came across my desk from Yahoo! Financial News. It's an excellent opportunity for the right investor. Located in New York City, Break Through Wireless is the 1st RIM endorsed Blackberry Center in the United States. Founded by 2 savvy Latino Entrepreneurs Manny Garcia and Darwin Valencia, Break Through Wireless offers full service solutions for Blackberry Enterprise Server implementations. In addition to complete solution consulting services, this only Blackberry Center offers customized Blackberry handheld training and all Blackberry accessories, as part the corporate package.

With corporate contracts in place and some additional funding, this Blackberry Center is positioned to make handsome profits while providing a value added service that no other wireless carrier currently offers. For example, T-Mobile sells the Blackberry Enterprise Server software, but they provide no consulting services for planning, installation or production rollouts. Break Through Wireless insures their clients get the full Monty for complete and smooth Blackberry implementations.

Investing in this Blackberry Center is a ground floor opportunity. I am personally meeting with Manny and Darwin today to explore investment opportunities in their Blackberry Center. If you are interested in participating with me, send me an email at

I do not and cannot not give investment advice. I'm just providing information for an technology opportunity. It's up to you to get investment advice from trained and licensed professionals.

Click here for more information on Blackberry handheld technology. RIM boasts 6 million thumbs (3 million subscribers) and counting. There must be something to it, if every wireless carrier on the planet sells Blackberrys.
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