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Virtual Worlds Review describes a virtual world is an interactive simulated environment accessed by multiple users through an online interface. Virtual worlds are also called "digital worlds," "simulated worlds" and "MMOG's." There are many different types of virtual worlds, however there are six features all of them have in common: 1. Shared Space: the world allows many users to participate at once. 2. Graphical User Interface: the world depicts space visually, ranging in style from 2D "cartoon" imagery to more immersive 3D environments. 3. Immediacy: interaction takes place in real time. 4. Interactivity: the world allows users to alter, develop, build, or submit customized content. 5. Persistence: the world's existence continues regardless of whether individual users are logged in. 6. Socialization / Community: the world allows and encourages the formation of in-world social groups like teams, guilds, clubs, cliques, housemates, neighborhoods, etc. Read more . . .

Virtual Worlds Review Directory lists quite a few different types of virtual worlds to live by such categories as:

  • Children
  • Technocrats
  • Free Access
  • Tweens
  • Virtual World Newbies
  • 20 & 30 somethings
  • Graphic Artists
  • Trend setter Ages 40+
Some of the popular virtual worlds are Second Life, There, The Sims Online. The media has been giving an extraordinary amount of coverage to Second Life. There have been reports of a young lady making $1million dollars selling real estate within this virtual world.

There was another story in the Wlall Street journal that asked the question "
Is This Man Cheating on His Wife?". This is a bizzare question, because this man has a wife in real life, but has married and is playing house with his virtual wife in second Life. He has never met the actual woman in real life playing his virtual wife. He is maintaining his virtual marriage in
Second Life by being on his PC up to 10 hours a day. Needless to say, his real wife is not a happy camper.

Then there is the story about the 2 young ladies who are suing a man for copyright infringement. Their supposed claim is he stole the design of avatar clothes the women make and sell within the virtual world of
Second Life. That's right. You have to purchase the proper clothing for your avatar in your virtual world to keep your appearance correct. People are making a decent amount of money selling "virtual clothes in these virtual worlds.

There is plenty of business opportunities in these virtual worlds.
Second Life proves free enterprise can exist anywhere, if people are willing to put in the work, be creative and be serious about providing quality. Hey, that business approach is a proven formula for success in the real world too.

To get the latest skinny on virtual worlds, you can attend Virtual Worlds 2008 (VW08) taking place April 3-4, 2008 in New York City the at the Jacob K Javits Convention Center.


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