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Facebook Branding Window Opens at 25 Closes at 100

Posted by Unknown Friday, March 25, 2011

If you just made that awfully smart move to create a Facebook business page, your opportunity to create a branded link is right around the corner. This allows for shortening that very long link Facebook assigned when you created your business page to

Once 25 people "Like" your business page, Facebook opens the window so you can create a branded link.

Watch out!! Monitor your business page "Likes". Facebook closes the opportunity to create a much shorter branded link, once your page has 100 "Likes". Now you will be stuck with that ridiculously long link, which will take up every inch of space on your business card.

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Carl E. Reid is a technology expert, social media strategist and business career coach at Savvy Intrapreneur. CReid3005[AT] - Tel: 201-222-5390


  1. Great article Carl. I did not realize that Facebook controls branding a business page link like that. I learned something new to share with my public relations clients.

    Phyllis Shelton, CEO
    iPower Global Solutions

  2. Unknown Says:
  3. Thank you Phyllis for your feedback. You're right about branding and public relations going together both online and off-line.

    Carl E. Reid, CSI


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