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Disposable Email Addresses

Posted by Unknown Friday, December 10, 2004

You just met someone, but you're not sure if you should give them your actual email address. No problem. Give them a disposable email address. Check it online, later. You can give your real email address, only after checking what a person has to offer at the disposable email address. This eliminates spam, in case you do not want to communicate further.

An associate I recently met, named Tim Wilson of The Savvy Technologist , provides a very cool article on Disposable E~mail Addresses

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1 Responses to Disposable Email Addresses

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. If you are tired of spammed emails dumping into your mailbox everyday,
    please check out this free site provides quality Email Forwarding service (or Disposable Email service) for FREE.'s Email Forwarding service is built around the idea of an endless supply of disposable e-mail alias addresses that you can give to anyone. E-mails they send to the alias that you gave them are automatically forwarded to your existing e-mail account.

    Emails -> Disposable Alias Addresses -> Your Email Address provides you with a virtually endless supply of disposable email addresses (we call the aliases) for you to pass out to anyone you want. All of them will forward to your existing email account, and you decide just how many emails you want to be able to receive on each. If you're getting overwhelmed by junk mail on an alias, just delete it and create a new alias. will reject any future email sent to the deleted (or expired) alias address with an "Invalid Email Address" error message - and even if it gets sold and resold a hundred times, the spammers still don't have your real email address and their database will be polluted with email addresses that do not exist.

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