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What is Seen When Your Name is Typed in Google?

Posted by Unknown Monday, April 5, 2010

In previous articles "Using Google Alerts to Track Your Web Presence" and "5 Quick tips to Grow Your Internet Web Presence", steps were provided on how to develop and monitor your web presence.  Now we'll cover why you should even be remotely interested in developing a positive web presence.

If anyone types your name in Google, what will they see? What will be seen beyond your LinkedIn profile to separate you or your business from the competition to expedite closing the deal, getting the interview/meeting or being hired?  In Keith Ferrazzi's book "Never Eat Alone" who knows you is more important than who you know. 

Why is marketing and branding both on-line and off-line important to your business or career? Here are some reasons why you need to be where your target audience hangs out.

2007 - OnRec (online recruitment tool)
20% of employers use "social networking" sites. Read more . . .

2008 - Career Builder Report via article in Personal Branding Blog
One-in-Five Employers (25%) Use Social Networking Sites to Research Job Candidates. Read more . . .

2009 - via article on
40% of employers have searched Facebook and other social networking sites for information on potential hires. Read more . . .

2010 - 2nd to LinkedIn, Recruiters are hanging out on Twitter.
Some corporate recruitment firms use Twitter to analyze the employee’s communication skills and his work culture. According to few surveys among recruiters who use Twitter as a part of their recruitment process. Read more . . .

Online Marketing and Branding

- Ride the long tail with article comments on your favorite news sites
- Answer questions on
- Develop a positive web presence with upbeat questions and comments on LinkedIn and other social networks.
- Blog, Blog, Blog - Setup a free account on
- Acquire a vanity domain name -
- Make yourself an industry expert with articles within your knowledge space that resolve problems, improve processes or share outcome results of previous projects etc.

Marketing and Branding
- Personal networking produces the best results by tuning in to each persons' WIIFM
- Remote networking using telephone and contact management database
- Use voice mail as a marketing tool
- Maintain business posture through email with proper grammar, spelling and an email signature.


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